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Catalga Biotech is the first enterprise working on commercialisation of microalgae as new “crop” for supporting the food, feed, fuel and pharmaceutical product.  The track record of this activities starts in 2007 when the intention was to use microalgae as source for bio fuels.

about us

The oxygen we breathe comes from billion years of photosynthesis of microalgae,
the first “factory” to transform CO2 to O2. Only when
the atmosphere was created and enriched
with O2 the life as we know it today started.

Did you know?

Did you know?
Production Process


The way microalgae works is based on transforming light as energy in to bio chemical energy. Think on plants in general, they transform sun energy by using photosynthesis in to different carbohydrates, like sugars, starches, fatty acids, cellulose etc. The micro algae does the same but have no roots. They are a single cell organism. This is by using light as source of energy where the carbon is utilised from the environment. You can use some strains to work on heterotrophic mode, where the carbon is utilised from adding sugars, most of the time is glucose.



To achieve a high productivity and controlled strains, the process starts with isolation of mono culture (unless you look for a mix of strains for biomass), and you keep them under certain conditions (to match the best environment, light, temperature and nutrients). This is still lab scale.



Next step is cultivation is leaving the lab and cultivating bigger scale. Here for there are many ways to do, and the best needs still to come. For the time being we at Catalga  biotech  claim to have the best balance on investment versus productivity.



Open pools is the most classic way (race ways  ), tubular photo bio reactors, vertical or horizontal. Works prima, but expensive as technology, and quite complex for farmers who will one day be the mass producers of microalgae.
At Catalga, we have developed a system that works simple and efficient with low cost on energy consumption and low investment costs.



After reaching a high density (during the exponential faze), the micro algae is partially harvested and partially remain in the water to multiply in few days (depending on the weather).



From here on,  algae goes int to decanting and dewatering stage, using special equipment and then is being dried ore freeze for transportation and further down stream processing.




Research Development

We at Catalga biotech are daily engaged ,for almost a decennia on research and development of the cultivation systems and processes, and innovation of new technics for mass production of microalgae at low energy costs and consumable’s.

The different strains are collected and studied in our labs equipped to match all parameters for optimal growth. We work only with non gmo strains. 

Many projects are under development, and the first waste water treatment processes by using microalgae instead of classic technologies are in the phase  of demonstration. 

Therefore we do also the formulation for retail market for food, feed and cosmetics.

A state of art cultivation concept is implemented and proven. The high density of microalgae on our photo bio reactors , reaches in few days (depending on the weather conditions) up to 7 gr.per liter.

The lab facility is organised to work with direct sun light and indoor with artificial light at different wave lengths depending on each research specifically.

We offer to our clients and partners service for research of waste streams, from CO2 absorbing, minerals from waste stream from food processors and even the treating of waste from manure from farmers.

The research is continuous process, where we look to different strains and adopt the cultivation and harvesting process.

Training is one of our strong performances. This is what we believe the best way to “bring science to practice”, and such share knowledge with future operators of our system, and reach the commercial scale cultivation in different parts of Europe, mostly focused at regions with high sun radiation.

End products for human consumption are another part of product developing. We found out that the most of existing food processing companies are not up dated with the existence and application of new raw materials like micro algae. 

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Polígon Industrial Pla de Vidreres,
Calle B, Nave 2
17411 Vidreres, Girona, Spain

Mobile 1: +34 627 075 790

Mobile 2: +41 76 595 93 70


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