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A group of individual entrepreneurs joined to study and research the potential  for mas cultivation of microalgae for producing bio diesel to blend with diesel of fossil origin.

As it happens with most of initiatives world vide, the technology was (still not completely proven) not developed to produce algae at competitive price. In mean time, we found out that some of strains are so high on proteins and omega fatty acid the first product were developed for human and animal consumption.

In 2017, the first results to achieve a competitive cost price of production where measured in a pilot project in Croatia. The new technology was born.
In 2018 a commercial demo project started in Vidreres/Girona, and Catalga biotech SL was established.

A plug & play, copy paste concept is developed to scale up the production in joint venture, franchise  with land owners all over Europe, with focus on countries with competitive advantages due to the climate.

Technology is being further adopted for treating waste water from food processing facilities and farmers . Reduction of CO2 and CH4, using waste water streams heavy loaded with nitrogen and phosphates results in high dense culture in the medium and brings the whole concept to producing bio fuels with a negative CO2 and CH4 foot print.


We are proud to have pushed so far the concept and now in cooperation with lot of partners developing projects of big scale.

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